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Danske Andelskassers Bank A/S - a new and old organisation

The Danske Andelskassers Bank group is essentially a full service bank with 14 full time branches for private and business customers, 1 agricultural branch, 300 employees and about 100,000 customers. The Head office is located in Hammershøj (between Randers and Viborg – close to E45) and the bank mainly operates in Jutland and on Funen, where it has firm local roots and strong local commitment, but it has customers throughout Denmark – often as a result of historical links with one of the bank's branches.

The bank's clientele consists primarily of private customers, small and medium-sized business customers and institutional customers, particularly in the form of other banks. Danske Andelskassers Bank sees its primary purpose as being to deliver the solutions that strengthen its customers, so it's main product for private and business customers is competent advice while the main product for institutional customers consists of solutions that enable them to offer their customers the services they want.

Danske Andelskassers Bank was founded in 1969, but is in its present form the result of a conversion in spring 2011 of the SDA group (the Danish Amalgamation of Cooperative Banks, its 16 cooperative banks and Danske Andelskassers Bank A/S, which was owned by the 16 cooperative banks) into a single limited liability company, which was subsequently – on 7 July 2011 – admitted for listing on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen. The bank is thus owned by 16 foundations, 33,000 private investors and a few institutional investors.

Vision, mission and values

The desire to remain a local bank is the basis for and rooted in Danske Andelskassers Bank's vision, mission and values.

Our vision:

We want to be the preferred local bank in our market area

Our mission:

We create added value for customers, the local area and staff. Our customers experience a positive difference by choosing Danske Andelskassers Bank as their financial partner. The local area benefits from Danske Andelskassers Bank supporting local initiatives. Our staff pursue professional and personal development, making them an important factor in customers experiencing a positive difference.

Our values:

Collaboration, commitment, trust and stability

Collaboration – a value and a working method

One of Danske Andelskassers Bank's fundamental values is collaboration, and this is an important guide for the bank's day-to-day operations.

In addition to collaborating with customers and suppliers, the bank also collaborates with other banks, among others, partly through partnerships in general and partly through supplier agreements under which Danske Andelskassers Bank provides solutions enabling the banks in question to offer products to their customers which would otherwise not have been possible.

Furthermore, Danske Andelskassers Bank monitors the current consolidation in the financial sector and is generally positive about extended collaboration –ultimately mergers – with other banks sharing Danske Andelskassers Bank's business focus and values. Such collaboration must, however, create the greatest possible value for the bank's shareholders and customers, and based on the bank's solvency situation at the end of 2013, the bank does not expect to enter into any mergers in the short term.

Long-term target

In the longer term, Danske Andelskassers Bank wants to be a solid and important player in the Danish financial sector and not least in the local areas in which the bank operates.

The bank is thus interested to participate in the consolidation taking place in the financial sector at the moment. The bank sees itself as the continuing party in such mergers and is aware that this requires a solid financial foundation.

Danske Andelskassers Bank's primary focus is to continuously create a positive development for its customers and the local areas in which it operates through accessible, down-to-earth, dedicated, well-informed and competent advice as well as commitment to these local areas.

1.1 Contact information

Please contact Danske Andelskassers Bank A/S via our foreign department. The employees are more than happy to establish further contacts to e.g. specialists, Investor Relations or the board of directors.

Postal and visiting address:

Danske Andelskassers Bank A/S
Foreign department
Baneskellet 1, Hammershoj
DK- 8830 Tjele





(+45) 87 99 31 20


1.2 Financial reports

Financial reports

Danske Andelskassers Bank is listed on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen and publishes its annual, semiannual and quarterly reports as well as company announcements in Danish on the webpages: and


1.3 Deadlines – foreign payments

Deadlines - foreign payments

Deadlines for foreign payments as of 1 January 2019

Deadlines for standard- and economy payments (1/2 value days):

  • Order receipt before 14.00 hours:   Processing same day
  • Order receipt after 14.00 hours:       Processing next day

Deadlines for urgent payments (0/1 value day):

  • Order receipt before 15.00 hours:   Processing same day
  • Order receipt after 15.00 hours:       Processing next day

1.4 Notice concerning exchange of data

Notice to customers concerning exchange of data between fiscal authorities in Denmark and other countries 

Dear customer

You are probably aware of the fact, that the Danish banking sector for many years has been obliged to report its customer's financial contracts to the domestic fiscal authorities. Furthermore there is an intensified cooperation between EU countries to ensure that the authorities in all EU countries get possession of all tax relevant information about citizens under their taxation, even if investments are spread within the EU countries.

We suggest that you make sure, that all the relevant information regarding your customer relation with us is at the authority's disposal in order to avoid irregularities. If in doubt regarding reporting, double-taxation rules and related issues, please contact a tax advisor in your home country.

Denmark has signed an Intergovernmental Agreement Model 1 with The U.S. Treasure Department

We take responsibility for sustainable development together with our customers and the communities we are part of

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